Well today’s TTT was very strange. There was a water leakage that resulted in some big crashes and other factors teams losing time. Like cars from other teams standing still on the parcours, while DQS was going for stage win.

In the end EF finished 4th. I guess you could say DQS would’ve won.

Anyway tomorrow a very interesting stage, I think a sprinter won’t survive here. Not a normal sprinter. I’ve picked 4 riders from 2 teams to win tomorrow:

Valverde @ 10
JJ Rojas @ 81
Richeze @ 401 / top3 @ 101
Gilbert @ 19

Think DQS is aiming for that jersey, maybe Astana won’t defend it that hard so they won’t have to work from week 1 for this jersey. Gilbert really wanted that red jersey today, could grab it tomorrow. Packs a good sprint, but could also jump away on the final ‘lump’.

Don’t think many fast men will survive 3.1km of 8.8% gradient, hard to come back after that with some lumps remaining.

Also I hope all riders who crashed today can hold on the first climb of 20.6km long. If the muscles are sore it’s a stage of hell tomorrow.

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