Today is the first MTF of this Vuelta. Being just stage 5 I would normally say it’s for the GC guys. But it’s a trend nowadays break can make it. Has to do something with teams being 1 rider less than previous years. There are some good climbers who already lost time. If the break is chased, then there are some guys who aren’t on a leash but are to close to join a break, for example Pogacar and Martinez. In other words, if peloton is fighting for win they can sneak out. The top candidates will look at eachother. I think it’s an excellent stage for some big wins by smaller pts. Also i used some of these picks with my NFL strategy 😉

My picks and odds:
Valverde @ 10
Roglic @ 12
Pogacar @ 23
Aru @ 34
Soler @ 81 (could be in break, to setup a movistar attack. If break isnt chased he can go for win)

My break options:
Brambilla @ 67
Eg @ 201
Stetina @ 301
Capecchi (impressed me alot in that Giro stage) @ 301
O’connor @ 201

Hope i have some right picks. Used some of them in combination with Rams, Saints or Chiefs to win Superbowl for big, big odds.


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