Reading Astana’s comments on yesterday, it all came down to that they didnt want to ‘waste energy’ chasing the break. I can’t see Bahrain also wasting a lot of energy to chase. All adds up to another day for the break, the trend of 2019 so far. I can’t see jumbo visma chasing hard or movistar.. to drop vital seconds and/or bonifications to Superman Lopez.

The Deceuninck Quickstep boys are pretty quiet so far, apart from the Jakobsen win. They will try to be in the breaks. Today’s stage ends up with a very steep climb. Not for the likes of Gilbert or Stybar, but my boy Eros Capecchi can handle that well. I also think Cavagna can be part of the break. Due to the flat start of today’s stage a rider who can pedal hard has more chance to be in it than a lightweight climber. That said, I also think Trek is trying to get in breaks. Astana could send someone up the road, for example Fraile or Cataldo. I really liked the way how Stetina and Eg were going up Powder Mountain. They are suited for a stage like this.

Like @cyclingbolar tweeted, Bahrain could use the same tactics as UAE did when they had the leader jersey in the Giro. Bahrain could send someone in the break of the day and don’t care about chasing at all. Padun and Pernsteiner come to mind.

My picks for stage 7:
Capecchi @ 151 (have him @ 290 on BF Exhange)
Cavagna @ 301
Stetina @ 165
Eg @ 81
Pernsteiner @ 450
O’connor @ 185
Fraile @ 67
Rodriguez @ 29

Some picks i’ve combined with Rams/Chiefs to win superbowl.


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