This stage will be one for the top climbers. A short queen stage with a finish above 2000 metres.
> 2000 metres is Valverde’s kryptonite, so I’m not backing him. Although it’s barely above 2000 metres I think Movistar can and will play the Quintana card tomorrow.. and who will follow the Weeman from Colombia. Roglic and Superman could be playing poker. The other top climber I like for tomorrow is Roglic. He promised to keep attacking, he also packs a good sprint and was climbing really well yesterday. Tomorrow he could demolish everyone’s morale by winning the stage and winning the time trial on Tuesday. Putting a dagger in the hearts of the Colombians and Bala.

There is another way the stage could pan out.. I don’t believe in a break to fight for the win tomorrow, but another option are climbers from the second string: Majka, Pogacar and Aru. They can ride their own tempo on the final climb. When Quintana-Valverde-Roglic-Superman will look at each other and put in small accelarations to then go really slow, these guys can go for stage win. It all depends on how the top 4 play their cards. Pogacar packs a good sprint as well, but I also like Majka at those big odds.

Roglic @ 10 (my main pick for tomorrow)
Quintana @ 9
Majka @ 41
Pogacar @ 21 (small pt in combination with Rams to win superbowl)

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