I can’t wait for this race to begin, the parcours looks very good. Hope there will be lots of attacking.

The Netherlands are all focused on Mathieu van der Poel. As you can imagine, he is the top favourite and in red hot form. The problem is however, everyone knows he is very fast. So why would other countries ride with this guy to the finish line? Therefor i think they want to drain the Dutch squad. They are going to do this by sending people on the road, that are dangerous enough and the Dutch and perhaps another country needs to chase. I expect the Austrialians another country to want to end this in a ‘sprint’. The Belgians look to me the best squad, with the French a close second. They can both send riders up the road.. when they are caught back, than another string of riders who can attack. They keep doing this till either the chasing peloton is drained and they start looking at eachother or it will be a man to man sprint, for example: alaphilippe vs sagan vs mvdp.

However i don’t think it will come to that. My favourite rider for this worlds is Philippe Gilbert. Having won Roubaix this year his year is already very good 😉 In the Vuelta he was phenomenal.. 2 stage wins, and perhaps a third could’ve followed (Cavagna winning). Gilbert can sprint but I think Gilbert will become World Champion with a mid-range attack, similar to his win in Flanders. If it does come to a sprint the belgians will look to Greg van Avermaet.

With the French team the focus is on Alaphilippe.. but also the French could send people on the road for example Gallopin or the revelation of the recent weeks: Cosnefroy.

The Dutch could anticipate on this, by sending someone themselves up the road. A person I like is Dylan van Baarle. A pure classics man, with a great timetrial and a fast sprint. In tour of britain we’ve seen him a couple times.

My picks:

Cosnefroy @ 67
Gilbert @ 19 / @ 13
Van Baarle @ 201

After the first stages in the Vuelta, i also backed Sam Bennett @ 150
He’s now dropped to 20s-30s

Added riders
On 19th of September I’m convinced on adding two more riders that can become WC on a good day:
Lutsenko @ 41 / @ 67
Kristoff @ 101

Both riders are in good shape, winning races a week before the worlds. This is a good indicator their form is okay. Some of the people i follow on Twitter are repping them for weeks, but now they’ve shown form I also hop on. Interesting is that on one bookie Lutsenko is 19/1 while on my other bookie he was 67/1. Same for Kristoff. Find the best prices.

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