For me this is the real start of the cycling season! I love this race! This year it’s going to be a windy and wet one. Because it’s still winter the rain will make the riders very cold, it could be an epic day like the world’s in Harrogate.

I think we as cycling fans all know the parcours and the famous climbs and strokes this race has. So i will skip writing on that. I do however like to point out my selection for this race.

Past weeks Dylan Teuns caught my eyes, he is in very good shape and knows the region well. He packs a sprint, but can also try to win it solo. Although i think he will trust his sprint to be enough.

GVA also looks really strong, but somehow i almost never back him. To me he rides these races to defensively. MvdP is the top favourite, but has he got the form already? Also if it will be a cold and rainy edition, will he bunk out again like in the world’s ?

My favourite team tactics wise is DQS. They have multiple options to play. I expect a lot from Jungels this classics season. Omloop might be too early, but he could win this race by attacking from long distance or jump away from select group in final. The same goes for Asgreen. Last year he had a steller season.. this year will be better. Asgreen is not a slouch sprinting wise, so could try and win a sprint from select group but can also try and do a long distance attack. As a Dane he doesn’t mind the cold either. Lampaert could get the nod for the more ‘important’ races, so Asgreen might get cut loose and try something here. Senechal is also a very good option, good in sprint and loves the cobbles.. but i think Senechal and Lampaert will aim for the races later in season like harelbeke, samyn and roubaix.

Because of the bad weather i also placed some on Matteo Trentin. He and GvA will be in the final, and things could fall in Trentin’s lap with the right team tactics. Trentin is a proper hard man, doesnt mind cold and rain and is a very good sprinter.

Asgreen 29/1
Jungels 17/1
Teuns 26/1
Trentin 17/1

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