Stage 5 picks

Today is the first MTF of this Vuelta. Being just stage 5 I would normally say it’s for the GC guys. But it’s a trend nowadays break can make it. Has to do something with teams being 1 rider less than previous years. There are some good climbers who already lost time. If the break […]

Vuelta Stage 2 picks

Well today’s TTT was very strange. There was a water leakage that resulted in some big crashes and other factors teams losing time. Like cars from other teams standing still on the parcours, while DQS was going for stage win. In the end EF finished 4th. I guess you could say DQS would’ve won. Anyway […]

Stage 1: EF to finish top3

I think there is good value in betting on EF to finish top3 of stage 1 of the Vuelta. EF has improved alot of their TT capabilities, as individual riders but also as a team (even won a TTT this year). Their roster is very strong, lots of strong timetrialists. Jumbo’s roster is also strong, […]

NFL picks week 1

Week 1 will start in a few weeks but the bookies already have odds (& handicaps) for the first week. These are my picks for a multi: Browns – Titans @ 1.44Patriots – Steelers @ 1.41Panthers – Rams -3 @ 1.92Dolphins – Ravens @ 1.5Cardinals – Lions @ 2.02 Together 8,29

My longterm NFL picks

The season will start properly in the first week of September but already i’m trying to get better odds on these teams to win the superbowl Chiefs Rams Eagles Browns Vikings I really think looking at squad depth, rosters and the capability of the teams QB those are the teams that will do best upcoming […]